As Akdeniz LTK, we provide services with our experienced and expert staff by reinforcing the experiences we have gained from foreign trade activities that we have been doing for years, with foreign trade consultancy in order to support Turkish companies to operate successfully, effectively and efficiently in developing world markets.

In our Foreign Trade Consultancy services, we produce solutions for our companies to produce effective and efficient policies in international markets and to be successful. We conduct market research for companies that want to market their products in foreign markets, and we carry out the entire export process with the customers found. We search for the most suitable manufacturers for our companies that want to procure products from foreign markets, and as a result of the agreement, we provide turnkey solutions to the companies by performing the entire import process.

In addition to these, it helps your company to create an effective, efficient and long-term export management strategy for the countries, sectors and customers that it has chosen as a target in foreign markets, to develop your relations with existing markets and customers, to find new markets and customers, to carry out your current export operations on time, quickly and accurately. We develop strategies for;

  • If you trust your product and your company and want to increase your sales and profitability by taking part in international markets,
  • If you want to increase the efficiency of your operational transactions and minimize your costs in your current exports,
  • If you want all your export processes to be carried out systematically by establishing a professional and institutional structure, to be effective, efficient, fast and result-oriented,

As Akdeniz LTK, we will be happy to offer you the best service

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