Human Resources

Akdeniz LTK sees its employees as the most important resource and therefore provides the necessary environment for the motivation and team spirit of the employees, trainings for their personal development, work peace and work safety. As a result of this basic policy;

  • In the conduct of personal affairs, it is essential to comply with the law, the rules of justice and goodwill.
  • No discrimination based on language, race, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect and similar reasons can be made in the business relationship.
  • Necessary conditions, such as knowledge, experience and education, that will ensure the best fulfillment of the task, are sought in the recruitment and assignment of titles.
  • Employees are provided with opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Employees who excel in their duties are rewarded.
  • Care is taken to employ the personnel in the positions where they will be most productive according to their characteristics.
  • It carries out the necessary studies to ensure that the personnel adopt the company's core values.
  • It provides the social security of the employees before the SGK.
  • With the awareness that unconditional customer satisfaction is the most important factor that creates the company, it ensures that the personnel are conscious of this issue. It expects its employees to realize unconditional customer satisfaction.

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