As Akdeniz LTK, our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers in a result-oriented, regional and industrial manner with the help of our experienced team and worldwide competent agency network.

Maritime transport is very popular due to its cost and capacity advantages compared to Air and Road transport.

Container ships can carry thousands of containers at one time, travel serious distances between continents, unload loads at many ports in turn, or reach even the smallest ports with the transfer ships operating between central ports.

Sea transportation is much lower cost than Air and Road transportation, and even if the ship calls at many ports and countries, from the port where the goods are loaded to the port where the goods will be unloaded, no customs procedures or legislative enforcement will be encountered. In maritime transport, the probability of an accident is lower than in land transport, and it is more reliable because the probability of failure due to the vehicle is less for ships. The ship, which can load thousands of containers at the same time, allows shipments with a higher capacity compared to other transportation methods. This situation brings maritime transportation to the forefront due to low costs.

As Akdeniz LTK, we are at the service of our valued customers with our understanding of quality service, carrying out the purchasing activities of the products you request by sea, positioning the products in the appropriate container, finding the freight that offers the optimum price performance with low transit time, operating the customs clearance process.

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