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Although road transport is a stand-alone alternative, it must be used as binding for all other transport types at the points where the loading begins and/or ends. For example; An inland transport by road is required between the facility and port at the starting point of a Sea Freight shipment.

This also applies to Air and Rail transportation. Any cargo that is decided to be transported by train or plane will be transported to the airport or train station by a road transport vehicle. International Road transport has various advantages and disadvantages compared to other transport types, depending on the term, cost, load capacity and geographical conditions.

Road transport plays a key role in international transport activities. Road transportation can be used together with other types of transportation (Sea, Air, etc.), especially in the initial and delivery stages of transportation. It has many advantages in terms of flexibility, speed and compatibility with other modes of transport.

In our road transports, the cargo can be loaded to the vehicle at the first transport point and transported to the point where the material will be delivered, without the need for any transport, transfer or handling process. Therefore, the physical risks that may be experienced due to loading and unloading of the material at the intermediate points are eliminated. If the plane, train and if the container is to be loaded at the port, such risks are involved in ship transportation.

While maritime, railway and airway transportation ends at special points used by these vehicles, the cargo can be transported from address to address by road to any point requested by the customer, without the need for any transfer or transportation process.

Road vehicles can allow the transportation of any type of product group according to the wide variety of vehicle types and special loads. In terms of product dimensions and weight limits, it is more flexible than Sea and Air transportation.

Sea, Air and Rail transportation is both inflexible and open to unexpected surprises in terms of deadlines, due to the fact that a large number of cargoes are organized together, transportation vehicles are programmed to move on certain days and times, and the departure schedules of these transportation vehicles can be postponed for many different reasons. In land transportation, the departure day and time of the vehicle is completely at the discretion of the loader. It is convenient to give a clearer term.

In land transportation, if a complete vehicle is loaded, the vehicle takes action to reach the foreign address on the day the customs clearance is completed. In Sea, Air and Rail transportation, it is possible that the carriers may delay their vehicle departures for days due to lack of capacity, for example.

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